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blue eyes and a half smile.

my thoughts are the cold kind; i've got storm clouds that are brewing behind my eyes.

i'm a bitch, i'm a lover.

23. i tend to only take pictures of the left side of my face. vanity isn't completely overrated.

i've never liked tea, and i probably never will. i'm more honest than i am nice, and i like to think that i'm always right.

i don't do well with expressing my emotions, but i like to write about it; so, here's a bit of my personal life in print.

slightly obsessed with the moon, good music, woodchuck cider, cigars on the patio, and nights with friends.

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My friends are so fucking strange

I like him. Keep him.

Iā€™m actually dating him

Going through my stuff while I pack, and I found some lovely cards from my roommate. šŸ˜‚


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The Moon in the Cloud by Dragan* on Flickr.