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blue eyes and a half smile.

my thoughts are the cold kind; i've got storm clouds that are brewing behind my eyes.

i'm a bitch, i'm a lover.

23. i tend to only take pictures of the left side of my face. vanity isn't completely overrated.

i've never liked tea, and i probably never will. i'm more honest than i am nice, and i like to think that i'm always right.

i don't do well with expressing my emotions, but i like to write about it; so, here's a bit of my personal life in print.

slightly obsessed with the moon, good music, woodchuck cider, cigars on the patio, and nights with friends.

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Played Texas Hold Em with some buddies and I hadn’t played in forever. Forgot how much I loved the game.

I smirk more than I smile.

It was such a good idea to get drunk. Because the last, oh I don’t know, 4 times I’ve gotten drunk I have gotten emotional. Totally a drunk crier these days. Wah.

We’re weird.

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Last night out before I move with my besties. Love my brothers!

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I Don’t Love You Anymore - Real Friends


today I saw a preteen girl pick up Mean Girls at Target and ask her friend what it was. She didn’t even know. She said it sounded dumb. The people are forgetting. The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember it.




im so fucked up over the fact that some countries have free college

and free healthcare 

Kinda like their government acknowledges that those are rights not privileges


whenever i get low on money i start thinking really irrationally like what if i hadn’t spent that $10 back in 2004 

My roommate just yelled in a growling tone, “I’M A FUCKING MAN, GODDAMN!”

He’s playing video games online…



as both a Harmonizer and a Mixer, I now have yet another girlgroup to fangirl over. Welcome Beatz

Girlgroups taking over the world. 

I was NOT expecting that

"Ian confirmed that Season 6 is his last season!"

Comic Con 2014 (via niansomerhalder)